Custom battery testing starting at


  • Fast turnaround time

  • -40A to +40A

  • 5°C to 60°C temperature **

  • Up to 10 Hz data capture speed

  • DCIR measurements

  • CSV formatted data results

per test/cycle*

* 10 hour limit per test/cycle. Additional charges may apply if tests are longer than 10 hours. A cycle is defined as up to 1 charge and discharge operation and 2 rest periods.

** Additional charges may apply

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If left unchecked, the tests will be performed at lab ambient temperatures -- typically between 20°C and 25°C


If you select "Other" we will contact you to determine the proper Data Logging Frequency

If checked: The Battery Lab will destroy your all test data within 30 days of delivery.


If unchecked: The Battery Lab may use data generated from this testing for purposes such as review articles, internal comparison, or however else it sees fit.

Note: In either case no identifying information will ever be used. Cell data will always be isolated for internal use 

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