ACDelco Super Alkaline AA Review

Not so super at all

What We Think

Skip these. They're not the cheapest AA you can buy, but they're almost the worst performing. For devices that draw a lot of power, these batteries really fall flat compared to the competition. We take particular issue with their claim that these have higher voltage during discharge than the competitors.

ACDelco's claimed battery performance

ACDelco's actual battery performance

They simply don't have the performance that their advertising claims. In fact our tests show that it is nearly the exact opposite, with a Duracell CopperTop providing higher voltages throughout the duration of the discharge at multiple different discharge levels.

In addition their chart clearly shows that their cells start discharging at around 1.7V, while in none of our testing did any of their cells show more than 1.6V.



  • Cheap

  • Container is uses minimal packaging and is easy to open and close


  • Poor battery life in many applications

  • They lie about their battery performance


Where To Buy

Amazon: ACDelco Super Alkaline


Technical Specs

The following are the technical specifications of the ACDelco Super Alkaline AA.



You can see how it stacks up against other AA batteries here:

Complete Data Set

The complete data set for this battery can be downloaded below.

AA Battery Data 2020
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