Duracell Optimum AA Review

Too much money, no real advantage

What We Think

"EXTRA LIFE. EXTRA POWER." proclaims Duracell's marketing, "Delivers extra life or extra power vs CopperTopAA in a wide range of devices". With claims like that we were ready to test a AA with power levels we had never seen before. The good news: they are technically right - It is the longest lasting Alkaline AA we have ever tested. The bad news: it is 3 times the price of the Rayovac Max Energy while only lasting 4% longer. The other bad news: if you are after longest life possible the Energizer Ultimate Lithium will offer you nearly twice the battery life. That said, they do look really cool and the package offers a resealable top like a tray of oreos.



  • Better than average alkaline AA battery life (by a hair)

  • Name-brand

  • They look cool

  • Resealable case may help you lose less of them in the back of the junk drawer


  • Barely better than a standard alkaline, yet significantly more expensive.


Where To Buy

Amazon: Duracell Optimum AA


Technical Specs

The following are the technical specifications of the Duracell Optimum AA.



You can see how it stacks up against other AA batteries here:

Complete Data Set

The complete data set for this battery can be downloaded below.

AA Battery Data 2020
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