Fuvaly USB Rechargeable AA 1500mAh Review

A whole new type of rechargeable AA, with a very disappointing battery life

What We Think

The Fuvaly USB Rechargeable AA 1500mAh is a whole new type of rechargeable AA battery. With a USB port for charging, it wins huge points for convenience. It charges faster (2 hours or less), is easier to use, and provides a steady, higher voltage for your devices. Unfortunately, it comes with 2 big downsides:

  • The price: At $27 for a 4 pack, these high tech AAs are more than twice the price of the Duracells.

  • The performance: Averaging only 1051mAh across our suite of tests, these AAs are some of the shortest lasting rechargeable AA batteries we have ever tested.

If you want a USB rechargeable AA, go with our high tech pick instead: Amptorret USB rechargeable AA



  • Can be charged with any micro USB cable. No need to keep track of a charger.

  • Nice high voltage (1.5V) during the entire lifespan of the battery

  • Built-in charging lights make it easy to know when the charge is complete


  • Does not perform a voltage step down to at the end of its life. This means that devices with a low battery indicator will simply shut off without a warning.

  • Despite being a whole new type of battery, it has a very disappointing battery life.


Where To Buy

Amazon: Fuvaly USB rechargeable AA 1500mAh


Deep Dive

This is not a typical rechargeable AA. In fact, it is a small lithium-ion battery like you would find in your phone or laptop with some circuitry to mimic a regular AA all wrapped up in a AA costume. This has a few distinct advantages:

  • For most casual users, remembering where a special battery charger is is a pain. This battery can be charged off of USB, just like your phone, headphones, or power bank would.

  • Regular rechargeable AAs slowly decrease in voltage over time, causing the performance of your devices to fade. This may result in a remote control that needs to be a little closer to the TV, or flameless candle that isn't quite as bright, or a clock that runs a little slow. These special AAs though provide a constant voltage output over their whole life, allowing devices to operate just as well at the end of their battery life as they do at the start. Check it out:

Notice how the USB rechargeable battery stays at 1.5V for its entire discharge, while the Duracell Rechargeable AA (a typical NiMH battery) falls below 1.3V less than a quarter of the way in. This higher voltage may help your devices run better.

Technical Specs

The following are the technical specifications of the Fuvally USB Rechargeable AA 1500mAh.



You can see how it stacks up against other rechargeable AA batteries here: